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Site Grading

Is your yard uneven and pooling water? We can assist with your needs to get the water where it needs to go.

While residential property owners are aware about the different concepts like landscape design and installation, softscaping and hardscaping etc, the subject of grading is one they aren't really acquainted with, at all. The fact is it's a very obscure subject and an aspect of landscaping that comes in the picture only if the property is uneven or sloping.

Site Grading

We at Impressive Pavers are one of the leading companies in this industry and have tackled a large number of grading projects for residential customers across the region. Grading the land gives it a distinct structure and ensures that all the features also get installed well and that the integrity of the landscaping is maintained. We encourage our customers to get their property graded well before they start with planting trees and shrubs or installing lawns etc.

What is Grading?

This process is one that is part and parcel of many landscaping projects, though you may not really be aware that the landscapers are incorporating it into the landscape installation project. In this technique, an excessive slope may be leveled or if the land is too flat, a gentle slope will be added to it. These slopes are specifically designed to discourage soil erosion and to encourage proper water drainage.

If you look at your gardens carefully, you will notice that all the areas are well sculpted to direct the water into the drains that have been installed when the rest of the hardscaping was done. In simple words, if the grading isn't done scientifically and using the right techniques, you may end up with pools of water in various parts of the landscape. At some points, there could be soil erosion too.

Either of these things can impact the integrity of your landscape, harm the health of the plantings and damage the foundation of outdoor structures as well as your home. The one way to avoid these problems is to opt for the services of a company like ours that will provide grading plans after carrying out a detailed survey of your property. We ensure that the property has a gradual slope that helps drain the water from all the areas, very effectively.

Site Grading

The Grading Process

Landscape grading is a job that requires expertise and skill and only experienced professionals can tackle it in the manner it has to be. In addition to the expertise and experience, we also have the right land grading equipment and follow a very meticulous step-by-step approach:

  • Measure & plan the entire landscape. This gives us a chance to understand what the layout of the property is like
  • The topsoil will be removed and stored in another location. Later, this will be reinstalled in the backyard
  • In certain projects, excavation would be required- this will be done either to shape the garden or yard or to make space for driveways, pathways, walkways, swimming pools or any other outdoor features.

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