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Retaining Walls: Sitting Walls, Garden Walls

With retaining walls, we can help address issues with steep slopes, create more usable space or just add structure and beauty to your yard. You can also choose to add trailing plants above the wall or in planting pockets created in the crevices for a simple, easy way to add more color and texture to your landscape. To see the many styles, colors and designs available for retaining wall projects, visit
Some of the potential problems associated with steep slopes are listed below. As you can see, the advantages of retaining walls not only include more space for the outdoor activities you enjoy, but also making lawn and garden maintenance safer and navigation around your landscape easier for you, your family and your guests.
If you are experiencing any of the potential problems listed below and would like to discuss methods for resolving them, call for a free consultation and estimate.


  • Difficult, unsafe mowing areas with slopes greater than 15 degrees (or 27 percent slope) for riding lawn mowers
  • Easier, safer mowing with more level lawn areas
  • Unusable areas for outdoor recreation or gardening
  • More space for outdoor activities: lawn games, sports, gardening, relaxing...
  • Difficult, unsafe pathways to navigate (falling or slipping hazards)
  • Safer, easier access to other parts of the yard with steps and retaining walls
  • Difficulty maintaining planting beds (pruning, mulching, weeding, etc.)
  • Easier maintenance of planting beds due to more gradual slopes
  • Mulch or small stone washing away with rainfall
  • Less cost and labor replacing mulch or small stone
  • Fertilizer and irrigation water are not utilized in the areas where they are applied but flow downhill
  • More even application of fertilizer and irrigation water to plantings or turf


Do you have a sloping yard or want to add a raised flower bed to your yard, we have the answers for you. Here at Impressive Pavers we can install a retaining wall and add fill dirt to level of any area on the property. While building the wall a row of wall block is buried to ensure that the wall retains its structural integrity.

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